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What We Do:

We at Mangalam Engineers are at the forefront of rotating machines offering mechanical power transmission solutions that convert speed and torque into motion. We help companies drive down the cost of ownership on gearbox, geared motors & allied transmission products by offering ‘Built to Last’ solutions. We are an authorized channel partner of world class-leading power transmission company viz. Sumitomo Drive Technologies, Reggiana Riduttori Oli Vibrators.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies, the proprietary, patented ‘Cyclo’ technology is recognized as 80 + years of history. It’s unique ‘gearless’ technology design is distinctly superior over common involute gearbox, operating in compression method rather than shear, resulting in low vibration, low backlash and ultra-quite operation. With 500% momentary shock load carrying capacity, which means there’s no catastrophic failure, with exceptionally long-life cycle. To describe in one line: ‘Built to Last’. And we mean by it. We have case studies to prove wherein our installations continue to exist beyond service life threshold of 40 – 50 years. 

Besides Cyclo, the product range comprise of HYPONIC Geared Motors, Rhytax Helical Bevel Geared Motors, Cyclo Bevel Buddy Box, Prest Neo Coaxial Helical Geared Motors, Astero compact planetary geared motors, ultra-low back lash Fine Cyclo, Servo Planetary gear units, Smartris AGV’s and Paramax Industrial Helical Gear Units.

Reggiana Riduttori established in the year 1973, part of the inter pump hydraulics group – Italy, specializes as a manufacturer of planetary gearboxes & wheel hub drives with torque ratings ranging from 65 Nm – 55,000 Nm. With a strong presence in the Sugar industry, Mobile Solutions, Construction Machinery, Biomass and much more. With 100% import from Italy, Reggiana follows the modular concept that enable us to meet customer expectations to deliver from ex-stock.

Oli Vibrators India, subsidiary of WAM Group global leaders in vibration technology. We offer Electric & Pneumatic Vibrators & Flow Aids. Our core segments comprise Cement & Construction, Food, Mining, Pharmaceuticals & much more. Centrifugal force can be offered as low as 66 kg up to 25,000 kgs depending upon milling strokes. Motor polarity available in 2,4,6 & 8 Poles. Vibrators are available for both hazardous & Non-Hazardous areas.

“People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.”

– Elon Musk

Who We Are:

We at Mangalam Engineers are turnaround maverick, ideator & solution provider first & then a seller. We believe that not everyone is well versed in all fields. Therefore, understanding customers’ needs & problems based on applications is a better way to deliver a reliable solution than being a commodity seller. A supplier of first–rate line of power transmission products, constituting a complete configuration from simple material handling system to the most complex ones for a wide range of industrial applications in broad market segments.

Backed by our principle of specialization with a global presence, we can support with the most powerful, innovative yet highly efficient and reliable products for complete drive solutions, vibration & material flow systems. Fully committed to being customer-centric, we maintain our business policy of not only exploring new market requirements by understanding new application concepts of drive technologies but incorporating each time the findings in selecting the right product and offering correct and efficient solutions to our customers. We also envisage the changes to the existing technologies and re-engineer them based on advanced market trends.

Why Choose Us:

  • Trust Worthiness of over thousands of various units supplied across pan India.
  • Reliability with long-life expectancy.
  • Transparent & Honest Pricing.
  • Ethical Business Practice.
  • Proven & Customized Solutions.
  • Committed Deliveries.
  • Open to consultancy-based solutions.
  • Willingness to engage directly with customers with actionable minutes.

Our Business Values:

Since inception our precepts call on us in matters of business and beyond in all situations, make efforts with the deepest gratitude in every aspect and refine ourselves to develop a trustworthy character rather than just pursuing money-making endeavors. Our precepts emphasize the importance of conducting our business with absolute openness, honesty, and prudence.

Our Credos:

Benefit for self and others. Private and public interests remain common. In other words, our business, while benefitting us, must also benefit our nation and society. This is something we are passionate about.

Our philosophy thus stresses the need for enthusiasm, passion, enterprising spirit to always be a step ahead in dealing with change, ascribing importance of integrity, avoiding easy gains without being misled for short-term goals.

Combined with our striving for all-embracing quality and service in every aspect of our business, we have set and will continue to set standards for the future. To find out how you can benefit from our experience and expertise, we invite you to join us by contacting us.

About Mangalam

We at Mangalam Engineers are a solution provider first & then a seller. We believe that not everyone is well versed in all fields. Therefore, understanding customer’s needs & problems based on application’s is a better way to offer a solution than be a commodity seller .

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Address: 38/8, Saravanan Street, Off. Thanikachalam Road T.Nagar, Chennai - 17.

E-mail: mangalamengrs@gmail.com

Phone: +91 94449 71440